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my husband, Toby

TV personality Michelle Jobin writes about her food hero, her husband Toby, and why she is donating to Community Food Centres Canada this holiday season.

Who's the food hero in your life?

I have great memories that involve family and food from growing up, but I would have to say that my husband Toby is my food hero. He is mostly a "Caretaker" and a bit of a "Spoiler" as well. Though he is a photographer by trade, we met when he was the owner and operator of a restaurant (it's a long story) and I came in to film a food show that I hosted at the time. He's a naturally talented cook and though his restaurant days are in the past, I'm pretty happy that he still makes food for me on an almost daily basis.

How does he show he cares through food?

Toby loves to cook and takes a lot of pride in making food for his family, which I think is so important for our son. We want to share a love of food and the social and family aspect of sharing meals together. He's also often been the one to go out of the way to make a special meal for me even when it means trying a recipe that he hasn't made before, like a chocolate soufflĂ© on Valentine's Day (which came out perfectly on the first try – when does that ever happen?), oxtail stew when I had a pregnancy craving or congee when I was sick. On the flipside, he credits my passion for good food for broadening his horizons in terms of what he likes to eat and cook, which I feel really good about.

What is your fondest memory of him?

There are many! But if we are talking about food, it has to be our trip to Taiwan, where my husband lived until he was 12. His hometown of Taipei is a really amazing city with the most vibrant food scene. It was a great experience for me to learn about him through the food of his culture, and how the different dishes factored into his memories of growing up there. Obviously, I was more than happy to try all of the food. While the trip didn't exactly involve him cooking, it was an important learning experience about how food is a part of our stories, on both personal and cultural levels.

Why is it important for you to support an organization that uses food as a tool to increase physical and mental health + community belonging? What about this approach resonates with you?

Food is a basic right and I believe so strongly in making good food available to everyone. But food is more than physical sustenance. It is dignity, love, culture and identity. Food is such an intrinsic part of who we are and how we communicate with the rest of the world around us. It is so incredibly important that we have organizations like Community Food Centres Canada that recognize this and provide a multifaceted approach to combating hunger and making people in need feel like they have someone to turn to.

Thanks to Michelle for making a donation to the #myfoodhero campaign. Join Michelle by making a donation today!

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